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Each quartz slab is a combination of hundreds of pounds of quartz crystals, mixed with resin and pigment. Once blended, the mixture is pressed together in a mould to form the slab.
One of the quartz products we carry is manufactured by HanStone. HanStone Quartz is not only a high-performing surface, it’s also a luxurious, durable, low-maintenance product that offers the following advantages:

  • Available in 60 patterns 
  • Non-porous and requires no sealing
  • Lustrous surface requires no conditioning or polishing
  • Heat, bacteria and stain resistant
  • Chip and scratch resistant
  • Easy to maintain and clean with mild soap and water
  • Backed by a Commercial 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Backed by a Residential Lifetime Limited Warranty

NEW:  We now carry quality quartz from WilsonArt, LG, and Caesarstone!  Have a look at their websites, and please visit us for colours and samples.  NOTE:  be aware of lower-quality and low-priced quartz products on the market!


Granite, a natural stone, is a popular choice for kitchen surfaces due to its hardiness and wide range of colours and styles. It’s incredibly durable – especially when compared to man-made materials like laminate. And if that weren’t enough, it’s also heat and scratch-resistant, easy to clean and sanitary (non-porous). The colour will not fade and your counters will look luminous for years of enjoyment. At J&C Stone Cutters, our granite is sourced from a number of places around the world – including Brazil, India and Taiwan.

There’s so much character to granite that no two slabs are exactly alike. That’s because granite is quarried in large blocks. From there, the blocks are cut into slabs. Each block is different from the next, and each slab within it will also have some variation. If your project requires more than one slab of granite, we recommend choosing all your stone from the same block to ensure a more consistent look throughout. You can trust our team to help you make the right choice for your home or business.


While quartz and granite are our biggest sellers, we do work with marble from time to time. Although we don’t stock marble, we’re happy to bring it in for you if it’s the stone that will make your house a home.
Marble counters offer a classic, timeless look and the stone offers a wide variety of colours and variegations. Marble is a porous surface and it’s more susceptible to scratching, etching and staining. For this reason, it needs more care and maintenance than a granite or quartz counter. Love the look but not the effort required to keep it gleaming? Consider using it in a bathroom, office, or laundry room rather than the kitchen which will see more heavy use.

Sinks and Faucets

We carry a wide array of sinks from Bristol and Kohler for every style and budget. Whether you’re looking for a stainless steel or porcelain, rectangular or oval, double bowl or single, kitchen, bar, laundry or bathroom sink – we have it all. We also carry kitchen and bathroom faucets. When you order the sink through us, it makes for a seamless process because it means we have the template on hand to ensure it fits like a glove with your countertop.