J&C Stone Cutters

Care & Maintenance


Our HanStone Quartz products don't require sealing, conditioning or polishing. Their durable nature makes them easy to maintain so they'll continue to add value to your home for years to come.

Quartz is non-porous, making it highly resistant to heat, staining and scratching. That said, it’s not heat, stain and scratch proof. It’s important to wipe up any spills right away. To keep your quartz counters gleaming we recommend you use heat pads and trivets under hot items and use cutting boards instead of chopping directly on the quartz surface. If your quartz needs repair, simply call us – we're here to help!

Quartz countertops can be cleaned with a mild soap and warm water – do not use products containing bleach. For a full maintenance guide for the product, visit the HanStone website.


When you purchase granite from J&C Stone Cutters, it will arrive pre-sealed. Our installers will provide you with a bottle of protectant that’s ideal for granite surfaces.

Just like quartz, granite is hard-wearing and durable, but we don't recommend cutting directly on a granite countertop as it could potentially damage the surface – and dull your knives! Granite can handle hot items, but we always think it's better to be safe than sorry – use a trivet or hot pad to protect your investment. Warm water and mild soap are all that’s needed to clean your granite counters. Avoid using bleach, harsh cleaners or abrasive sponges on granite. A well-sealed granite counter is relatively resistant to bacteria.


Marble counters offer timeless beauty that adds value to your home. They require sealing to help keep them gleaming, but they are still prone to scratching, etching and staining. Spills should be wiped up right away and care should be taken to avoid contact with acids such as citrus, alcohol and coffee. Although they are heat resistant, we recommend using heat pads or trivets under hot items. Cutting boards should be used to protect marble counters. To keep them shining and sparkling for years to come, marble should be re-sealed on a regular basis.

Need a hand re-sealing your marble? We're happy to provide a professional marble sealing service. Contact us to learn more.